Am i imagining things?

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>be me
>finish work christmas eve
>gfs sister is round for christmas
>sisters hot af
>pretty late so say goodnight to her
>give her hug and she squeezes me a bit hard than usual
>drives her pelvis right against mine subtle and she does gentle sway/rub before letting go and going to bed.
>go downstairs and find her bag
>Sexy thong resting inside
>be horny, so jerk off onto thong
>goto bed

>christmas day
>shes wearing top too big, no bra, can see her hard pierced nipples through it and when she bends down i can see everything.
>shes on her phone, gf calls her upstairs she leaves phone on sofa unlocked
>i snoop find pic before she comes back down
> i look in bag, thong gone.
>shes wearing it

>she knows my dick is big from a game of dares me, gf and her played years back
>should i have railed her that night?
>always sends me pics likr below (for "opinions")
>does she want me?

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